Can i enter US with H4 after aging out?

I am 21 years old now and currently in India with valid H4 till Feb/2021, my father is in USA.
Since US consulates closed in India due to pandemic and can’t apply F1 now.

  1. Can i enter USA with valid H4/I20 even after 21 yrs old(H4 Aging out scenario)?

  2. If i am allowed to enter USA, Can i convert H4 to F1 within US? (to avoid travel to go back India for F1 stamping)

  3. If i am allowed to enter USA,can i start my classes with H4?

Please help me on this to join this Fall-2020 @ campus with H4.

Firstly, you should have not got H4 as it is only anyone under 21 years.
In any case, You would age out and may not get F1 COS on time and it will be complicated. So, better thing is to get F1 stamping and enter US.
I believe, this was answered in the telegram group.