Can I enter US on B1, when my H1 is hold on 221g(Admin processing)?


I have attended H1 stamping in chennai. They issued 221(g) blue without asking for any specific doc. Mentioned only “Admin processing”. I have a valid B1. My query is whether can I travel to US, while this H1 is still in admin processing.

You can use B-1 for travel while H-1 is under going admin processing. I assume the passport is with you.

Thanks sourabh. Yes, I have passport with me

Is it possible for me to convert to H1 in US before the 221G is approved? also let me know whether I can go for extension of H1 as the end date is jan 2017.

You have the option to apply for COS from B-1 to H-1 while you are inside US on B-1 visa. An extension petition can be accompanied w/ this COS.

please let me know if you trevel in b-1, My wife & kids applied h4 but received 221g, Is It possible to apply b1 visa ?

sourabh, am also in same boat,
can you please review my case and answer.