Can I enter the USA with my current visa status (L-2 with EAD) and work at a place in the USA?

Hi Everyone,

I used to work in the USA under L-2 and with a valid EAD card. My wife and I went back to our original country and right now I wanted to go back to the USA. Can I enter the USA with the current visa ( L-1) and work at a place in the USA. Please advise and guide me. Here is the information

L-2 and L-1A ( Mywife was a manager) Visa Expires April 2023 ( renewed as of April 2017 for a 5 years).

I-94 Expires by April 2019

EAD expires by April 2019

I-129 Blank petition expires by Apil 2021

L-1 visa situation unkown whether it was withdranw by the Employerer. Do you know how to find out.

My wife started in the same Company’s branch in another our originial country by January 1th, 2018.

We came to the USA first time at September 2014 and went back to my country November 2017.

Please feel free to ask me to clarify my situations.