Can i enter in a different city then where my employer/job is?

I have h1b visa stamped and will soon fly to usa. My brother lives in another city then my employer. I want to go to my brothers city first, meet him, spend some days with him and then want to join my employer after ten or twenty days. My brother is in west america and my employer is in east america separted by 2-3k kilometers. So will it be a wise move? should i go and meet my brother? Will it be a problem? Can i be returned from port of entry? Please Help

U can go… Not at all a problem. If asked at POE, U can say that U wana spend some time with ur bro…

However U must report to ur employer before 30 days AFAIK

You must enter your final destination address as in employment documents and not your brother’s address on the immigration control form. There should be no mismatch there.

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA

Thanks Dr. Sandeep for the answer. Could you please provide a reference for the information you are providing? I am confused …

Think about it for a minute. The CBP (Custom and Border Protection) form is a means to protect United States against random senseless acts. They want to know the address where each person entering the country is going to stay. You will stay with your brother only for a week and then it is onward to your job site, your final destination. The latter is your exact address for the record. CBP office in Washington DC can be called toll free to ask this question and verify for your own peace of mind.

Okay thanks, will try to call them.