Can I drive during OPT grace period?


I am working on OPT in Los Angeles. MY OPT EAD card expires June 30th. So I will stop working then. Then my school said I get a 60 day grace period before departing the US. My US drivers liscense expires June 30th.

Is it possible to renew my drivers license for the 60 day grace period? My school said they don’t know. I called the DMV and they were unhelpful and said I would have to bring in legal presence documents to prove I am legal for the 60 days. They were unable to tell me which ones. I don’t see there is any document proving a 60 day grace period - its not put on the I-20 or EAD card.

Wondered if anyone has any experience with this.

Thank you.

DMV will not be able to answer this question, a State office is not able to answer a Federal matter. What documents were used when you first applied for a license? A valid presence document is your passport and stamped visa in this case. DMV does not know how to read an I-20 correctly unless I am mistaken about California. Also, not sure why DMV would request immigration documents… mostly what they want to see are utility bills or lease agreements

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO.;[](

I used my EAD card which expires June 30th - does not take into account 60 day grace period - Nno document does. So I assume they don’t want people driving during their grace periods.
They do not want to see utility documents because that does not prove to them that you are legal in the country.

Sorry. I forgot that DMV talks to ICE in certain states like Arizona, Texas and California. Please provide them the Department of State ruling on 60-day extension.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, Colorado.;

So it turns out that USCIS do not allow people on visas to drive during their grace period (at least in California). Ridiculous, but nothing I can do about it. :frowning:

Even if you need to drive for purpose of livelihood? Then it becomes a human rights violation…