Can I do MS with a 2year gap in education after my Bachelors? Please Help?

Can i be able to get admission into colleges for MS and Visa. I have about two years gap in education after doing my bachelors(B.Tech) and I was at home searching for job but couldn’t get one.But i really want to go for MS. What are my chances? Please help. Will there be any problems?

Hi Kumar, I went back to college after 7 years . You should be ok , I dont think you will have any problem to get admission and visa. I go to International Technological University - Sanjose in california and there are many students who got Visa to this university this year. let me know if you need more information on the same.

You can do MS…apply to good colleges and talk to seniors, see the rankings of the university .
All you need is financial support, GRE, acad transcripts and recommendation letters.

Please do not fall into trap of colleges which are not good otherwise you might again endup jobless! Search for tri-valley, UNVA, ITU and Herguan university scams on Google! Stay away from “consultants” who get commissions

Thanks for the suggestion. I got LOR’s from my professors while i was in college, nearly 18 months ago, will they be still valid?