Can I do dropbox waiver for my wife

I’m currently on H1B visa, and my wife was on F-1 until May, 2016, after which her H4 and EAD were approved.

I’m going to go to India in January, 2017 for my re-stamping of H1B extension (my H1B expired in April 2016) and I’m eligible for the dropbox waiver. Can I get my wife’s H4 stamped via dropbox waiver program as well or does she need a separate interview appointment ?
Can I combine her appointment with me when I’m filling out the DS-160 form and choosing the dropbox option?
Reason for preferring the dropbox option is I’m not getting any appointment dates in Jan,2017 for an in-person interview.

The wife needs to make an in-person appearance as she doesn’t qualify for dropbox.