Can I disregard a new F1 visa and continue to stay on H1B Visa ?

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please read this case and suggest your opinion.

	Here is my past VISA history in US


	F1 Visa - Aug 15 2006 to Dec 31 2008

	OPT - Jan 1, 2009 to Feb 5 2010

	H1B - Feb 6 2010 to Feb 5 2013

	Current H1B extended visa (still valid) - Feb 6 2013 to Feb 5 2013


	I have applied for F1 visa and have requested a start date of Aug 19 2013 because I am currently working and plan to continue working till 18th Aug 2013. However, I have changed my mind and plan to continue working and not go on F1. My decision is dependent on my employer's decision and so I cannot pull the application back yet (just to have a backup option). My question is: While I am currently working, and I expect the decision of F1 to come anyday, if my F1 gets approved before Aug 19 2013, can I continue to work and disregard F1 visa. If so, how should I go about this to inform USCIS ?

I assume you are inside US at the moment. If the F-1 COS gets approved, then you need to stop working and start studying on F-1.

If F-1 COS is not approved, then you can continue working on H-1.