Can i delete my existing profile on ? And create a new profile ?

If anybody wants to delete his/her profile from, & want to create a new profile by fresh login.

What is the way to delete the old/existing profile ? & how to create a new profile with all the relavant information required to create a new profile ?

If you have a valid reason to delete, like duplicate profiles created for reasons like previous data from other family visa appointments, etc., you can call the customer service and they can help you delete the profile. But, if it just updating data, you should not delete it…If there is something you cannot update, you can call customer service and seek help on the same to update the same.

How can I contact customer service I am unable to call them buy provided number in site

Try to email in addition to phone call.

I created an account in China when applying for B1 visa. I now want to apply for F1 visa in Liberia but my profile keeps showing China. How do I resolve this issue?