Can i covert to H4 while H1B Extension is Pending with USCIS?

Hi All,

I am currently working with H1 and my i94 expired on March 20 2018 and filed the extension by Feb 14 2018. I got RFE on Sep 1st and currently my employer is in progress to file the RFE response. Since i am reaching my 240 days maxout in November 15th i need to depart US. Could you please help clarification the below options?

  1. Can i depart US after November 15th and stamp H4 in India or Canada ? Am i eligible to apply for H4 since H1 status is still pending with USCIS?

  2. what will happened to my H1 petition if i convert it to H4?

  3. since i havent used the H1 for six years, can i change from H4 to H1 in future if needed?

Could you please help me this clarification to take any decision?

Thanks in advance.