Can I continue working on L1b while applying for H4 Visa and EAD simultaneously.


Here is my background:

I am on L1b visa and working for company A. My wife is on H1b with approved i-140 and working for company B.


I want to switch my L1b to H4+EAD. Can I continue working for my company A while applying for H4 and EAD. When I have the H4 + EAD I can any ways continue working. Is that the case or is there something different I will have to do ?

Did you get answer for this question… I am also in the same boat… let me know what you find…

Your status remains L-1 until H-4 COS is approved. So you can continue to work on L-1 until COS is approved. After that, you can continue working on H-4 EAD. Usually they approve H-4 COS and EAD together when they are applied together.