Can I continue working on F1 opt stem extension while I apply for H4?

I am currently on F1 opt stem extension. I will applying for H4 as my opt is ending and I did not receive H1b. Do I have to immediately quit my job as soon as I file for H4 visa or can I continue working until H4 gets approved?

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Same situation. I know that we can continue working on F1 EAD until H4 status gets approved. But I am not sure if we can continue working on F1 EAD between H4 status approval and H4 EAD issue. Will we have to take a break when H4 status gets approved until H4 EAD is issued or can we continue working on F1 EAD until H4 EAD gets approved.

As far as my information goes you can definitely cannot continue working once your H4 gets approved as your F1 gets invalidated.

How about if you get added on I140 while you are on F1 rather than converting to H4? My F1 is valid till July 15 so can try for h1b again in april.