Can I continue working after my OPT STEM Extension has been denied?

I have applied for OPT STEM Extension in December with Employer A. I have moved to Employer B in January and updated USCIS with the New OPT STEM I-20 and I-983. I now have received a denial for my Form I-765 with an update saying that the reason would be sent my mail. Although My VISA is valid until November 2019. Kindly please answer my questions.

  1. What is my Current Status now? 2. In such situations, when does the SEVIS get terminated? 3. Is there any grace period to transfer to another University and continue working with my Current Employer? 4. When is the best time to inform the Employer about my situation? 5. For Reinstatement as an F-1 Student, do I have to leave the Country? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

You need to wait for the letter to arrive to know the reason. Usually, you get 60 day grace period to pack up and leave. But, the 60-day grace period does not apply if your OPT was denied due to a status violation, misrepresentation, or fraud. I suggest you speak to your DSO and seek guidance. You need to inform your employer immediately and make sure they know your situation. I suggest, you speak to an immigration attorney and get some advice as it can be tricky situation.