Can i continue in my current L1b visa job until i get a job under H1B?

hi, i’m under L1 visa staying on i94 extension. applying for h1b visa thru kaizen technologies. the consultancy told me that i can continue working in my current company till i get a job even after october 1st. is it so or i cannot work in my present company after october 1st if my h1b is approved? pls help.

Some consultancies tells in such a way that you can continue working untill you gets a job. ideally its not the correct way. From Oct / when ever your petition approves, that day onwards you shouldn’t work on L1. your status will be changing automatically. Ideally after that workin on L1 is illeagal. Its good idea to change the status as and when your H1 visa approves. If you have more concerns on this its better to approach a lawyer.

Thanks a lot Chak132. i have experience in mainframe for 6 years. but when i tried with this consultancy for filing my H1b, they replied that they have openings only for android/java/ios developer and asked to prepare a resume for that and send us if you are ready to switch technology, we will file your H1b. can you please help me on this? whether i can go for a technology switch? if i create a fake resume will i be under problem? while filing the H1b will the do background check on my resume? pls help.