Can I change my passport details in between petition filing and approval

My company is filing H1B petition for me this year. My passport got damaged and I would be getting a new one in a months time. Is it possible for me to update my passport details in between this time. Will any verification of passport details be done by US Embassy? However after my petition is approved, i will be have a new Valid passport to travel. I was worried because if US Embassy verify the passport then my old passport would be in Cancelled state…

Appreciate quick help…

It is ok to get the new passport in b/w. You can carry the new passport when appearining for stamping.

Thanks Saurabh for your reply… I was just concerned whether “Passport verification” is a process under “background verification check” which will be done by US consulate during petition approval because if it will be done, my passport would be in cancelled state… Does passport verification takes place before filling DS160? If verification takes place only after filling DS160 form, then I can provide info of my new passport in it which wont be an issue

They will look at the submitted passport copy for details but I don’t think they do a verification at that point of time. They do a more thorough check when appearing for interview. At least that’s what my understanding is.

Hi, I am also in the same situation, could you share your experience how you went through this.