can i change my employer while on opt without pay stubs while my h1b petition is on RFE

I am currently on my F1 OPT and I joined as a full time employee with an employer A(Consultancy) who has filed for my H1-B petition which has got an RFE and the employer has not paid me nor has he run the pay stubs for me during this period( which he defends by saying that he is providing me accomodation to stay and necessary provisions), Can i change my employer while on opt without pay stubs while my H1-B case is still pending and with RFE.

Can I start working with another employer and file for a H1B next year without having a problem.? Will i be asked about previous emplyment pay stubs and asked to clear the RFE.?

Updating the university about my change of employment will be enough?

Are you already in violation of the unemployment period allowed on OPT? If yes, then your current and future H1 petition may run into issues. If you apply for OPT extension that can also be impacted.

In the short term you can just change the employer but the unemployment period will have an inpact.

I have heard that pay roll can be run monthly or at once for all the months worked.
I have worked for my current employer since feb 2016.Which comes to more than 6 months.
So can i update the university about change of employer from march and make the new employer(consultancy) run my pay roll since march, SO that my status is not voilated?

That’s violation of the law. I have nothing more to add.