Can I change my employer immediately when i joined a new Company


Let says I get a h1b visa sponsored from X company. Can I get my h1b visa transferred to Y company on Day 1 when i joined X company? Can i leave X company on Day 1 and get it transferred to Y company? Typically how many days would it take for the transfer to happen?

Poorna, Transfer can be done as soon as you join the company. But the probability of approval of transfer with three months(minimum) pay stub is slightly higher than the transfer initiated without pay stub.

Transfer when filed in normal processing takes minimum of 6 months to get approved. In premium processing takes about 15 days.

Note: Currently the Premium Processing for H1b has been suspended. Not sure when its going to be reinstated.

If I opt to get paid biweekly, then I would get 3 pay stubs within one and half month. Will that suffice 3 pay stubs criteria?

I think this should be suffice. please check with your new employer once before initiating transfer.