Can I change my employer after one month of H1B Stamping?

My employer seems to be money centric and not employee friendly. They are changing their statement every then and now. I am not feeling comfortable joining them. Is it legal to change the employer just after a month of H1B stamping and prior joining the sponsor company.

Pls support with your expert answer.


Munnuri R

Another employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you (aka H-1 transfer). You can then travel to US to work for them. I assume you have never been to US on H-1 before - so no payslips are required.

Thank you Saurabh, yes I have not been to US on H1B. Do you have any idea, what time does it take for a new employer for H1 transfer?

Normal processing can take 2-6 months. PP option is available as well.