Can i change employer while H1B transfer is rfe status?

Hi all,

I came to US in june,2017 through Employer A with approved H1B stamped till Aug, 2019. I moved to Employer B on H1B transfer receipt in nov,2017 and after 2 months Employer A has revoked my H1. My current H1B with Employer B is in rfe status.

Below are my questions.

  1. Can i move to Employer C at this point?

  2. If i move to Employer C do I need to go back to India for stamping?

  3. As my Employer A has revoked my H1B, my i94 will be valid which is till Aug, 2019? Can you please tell me if i94 is dependant on H1b or not?

  4. If i cannot move to Employer C what happens if my project is completed at this stage and my Employer B do not have any projects for me and he might revoke/withdraw my H1B?

Can someone please answer the above questions?

Also if someone have gone through the same scenario, can you please share your thoughts.

Thanks in Advance.