Can I attend for H1B stamping with out a job

Hi There,

I have couple of questions:

>> Can I attend H1B interview from India if I am a new zealand citizen. I would like to go on a visit to India for couple of months. Or is it safe to attend the interview from NZ.

>> I am on notice period as of now, as Ive resinged my job, my last day to work is 1st of August. Can I attend for H1B stamping on or after 1st of August, by then I will be out of my current job.

experts advice very much appreciated,


H-1 requires a job w/ the sponsoring firm. So you CAN NOT attend the interview w/o the job or the petition or the H-1 employer.

  1. Different consulates have different policies on TCNs (third country nationals). So its better to contact consulate and ask them this question

  2. If you will be out of job from your H-1 employer, then you can not attend the interview. You can appear for interview only if you are still employed w/ the company that has filed your H-1.


thanks for ur reply, u got it wrong though.
I am currently in NZ and working in NZ. and would be attending H1B interview with an offer in USA. I have resinged my job in NZ and wondering if I can attend the consulate with out holding a job in my home country.

Yes, that can be done. It is not required for you to be employed in your home country etc at the time of H-1 interview. As long as you have the H-1 job, you can go for the interview.

thanks for ur answer…i am much relaxed now mate >_