Can I attend client interviews from India ?

My L1B-visa and i94 expires on october 2014, I am planning to file H1B-visa in March 2013.

1. Since my company policies says return back to India and work for 6 months before leaving the company, I would like leave USA during May 2013 and enter back again USA in NOV 2013 with valid H1B-visa. Is it possible ?

2. I am planning to file H1B-visa. Can I go back to India once my L1B-visa expired and get H1B-visa from India? Can I travel to India while H1B-visa in process and H1B from India?

3. I am currently working at Company A in L1B- visa, I am going to apply H1B visa through Company B in March 2013. If the H1B- Visa got approved,what is the proper procedure to get relieved from company A and join company B ? Will there be any legal issues (experience certificate needed or not )?


4. I am going to apply for H1B- Visa in March 2013. My L1B- visa going to expire in october 2014. Can I go to India while H1B -visa in process and get H1B-visa from India?


5. If I filled H1b-visa in March 2013, and getting H1B-visa approval petition in August 2013, Can I go to native and visit/enter again to US with H1b stamping from India in Nov/Dec 2013?


6. What is the procedure to get H4-visa?


7. Can I attend client interviews from India and come to US, Once I got the offer from one of the client in US?


8. If we want to come US before I get offer from client should I come to consultant location ? Will consutant pay for me till I get the offer ?
  1. Yes

  2. Yes

  3. Experience certificate is not mandatory for H-1 processing. You can resign from A as per your plan and serve the notice period. Then appear for H-1 stamping and join B in US on H-1.

  4. Yes

  5. Yes

  6. If your plan is to leave US before Oct and then appear for H-1 stamping, then no H-4 petition needs to be filed now. The dependent can appear for H-4 stamping directly when you appear for H-1 visa stamping.

  7. Yes

  8. You will have to come to the location mentioned in the LCA. They are required to pay you, but whether they actually pay you or not when you are on bench, depends upon them.

Thanks a lot. Best answer to me and everyone who views.