Can i Applying for H4 and EAD with existing H1B and then update H4 to extended H1B?


I am on F1 OPT(EAD) and i want to convert to H4 EAD. My husband’s H1 is expiring in June. So if i apply for H4 with exisiting H1 for now and then later my husband applies for H1 extension and it gets approved. Can i then write a letter to USCIS to consider the dates of H1 extension and accordingly grant my H4 start date?

while your H4-EAD is pending, you can amend the pending petition with the updated H4 visa with a covering letter to consider the latest H4 copy. But if your H4-EAD is already approved before your H4 extension, you cant use the updated H4 for the current H4-EAD approval.