Can i apply using my 2006 H1 B Petition

I was in US on H1B in 2008 for a year my petition was picked in 2006 H1B quota my visa was revoked during recession as my then employer closed his firm all of a sudden i had no options but to return back even though i had valid visa another year.

[b]I applied H1B processing for 2014 quota , i got selected thru lottery and my petition got an RFE raised . RFE was about proof of evidence documents submitted was waiting for decision taking long time ,attorney asked to upgrade to premium processing did upgraded after which USCIS denied my H1B.  Can the experts in this forum let me what options are left for me now , I have few below questions as well

1) Whether I can apply H1B for next year ( 2014) , if yes do I need to go thru lottery process again ?

2) Can I reapply H1B with the 2006 petition ? if so is there any time frame required to wait and then apply ? 

Any guidance on my case would help me to plan better . Thanks in advance .[/b]

  1. U can go for Cap-Exempt Petition till 6 years from 2013

  2. Its expired as 6 years passed