Can i apply h4 before 1st oct 2012


I have my H1b application done by my employer this year and I gotall documents and papers from the USCIS. My question is if I get an approval from the USCIS, can I make my wife stand for an H4 visa interview before the effective date of my H1b (which would be oct 1,2012 ) ? she has two time rejection in F2 visa as well.Another part of the question is if at all she can and she gets the visa stamped, can she come to US before my H1b effective date…,i.e…can she come to US before oct 1 or she has to wait till october 1 by the time my H1b gets into effect? and one more thing should i have to put my h1b salary stubs or my current employer pay stubs will be fine ? becuase if she will apply before 1st oct i cant able to give any h1b salary stubs.

please advice.



Your wife can apply for H4 VISA anytime after 2nd July and she can travel by last week of September (after 20th September).

Thank you Sujith for guidance. In my question I asked one more thing that when I apply for my wife’s H4, is it mandatory to submit my last few pay stubs of H1 or my most recent pay stubs will work. The question raised because if I apply before Oct 1st I will not be having any pay stub of my H1. In that case can it impact her visa???

Spouse’s paystubs are required if the primary applicant is currently in the US or held that status earlier.