Can I apply for Stem OPT extension with a offer letter that has a joining date after my OPT expires?


My current employment ends in March 2017 (and the current employer is not E-verified). My OPT expires on May 10th, 2017 and I am getting a job offer that starts from June 2017. So my question is if I can apply for the OPT extension based on the Job offer that starts in June 2017?

The new company is ready to file for the OPT extension and provide me all the documents needed. But I am worried if I can get OPT extension based on a job offer that starts after my OPT expires. Thanks in advance.



Why don’t you request them to have you start from May10th itself ? If not, check with them if they can hire you as a consultant during that period.

I believe this is in the gray area. You need to be employed in order to apply for OPT extension. You cannot apply without work, which is why they ask for the e-verification number.

Thank you for your reply. What if they give me the offer letter for the start date before OPT expires and I start working from June 2017? Is that okay if I start working from June but my offer letter says I start from May?