Can I apply for SSN


 I have an approved H1B in 2016, But I landed to USA in H4 Visa.SO I am in H4 visa now.

I have got job and they are asking for SSN and my employer has now initiated my COS from H4 to H1 in premium basis.My question is :

  1. Can i apply for SSN on COS(h4 to H1) receipt basis?

2.Can I work without SSN(applied).

3.How much time it will take to get ssn?

PLease reply.

  1. You can apply for SSN after your COS is approved i.e while you are in H1b status. After COS approved, Carry an original i797 to SSN office.

  2. Yes you can start working without SSN and can provide your SSN to employer after you receive the same

  3. Within 2 weeks if all documents are satisfactory