Can i apply for OPT if my F1 reinstatement gets approved after my graduation grace period?

My Graduation 60-day grace period ends on Feb 15, 2018. My DSO has suggested that i cannot apply for OPT if i receive my F1 Reinstatement approval before that date. But, when i called USCIS Customer Service Center to ask about this, they have told me that i can still apply for OPT if the approval comes after the grace period. Did anyone face this situation earlier? If yes, what did you have to do? How can i convince my DSO that we can apply for OPT once the approval comes after the grace period?

Hello Chaithuses,
Can u please let me know what exactly you were going to do coz m also in the same situation and really do not know how to proceed with it.

Hi Heera, I have similar situation with one of friends. In the case, the grace period is over, and reinstatement is pending. We still applied for OPT without the OPT request i20 before the grace period ends.

Can you tell me what exactly happened with your case? I really appreciate your help