can i apply for L2 visa for my family myself if my company doesn't mentionned their name in the application package


I’m french,My company is working on my application package for L1 visa.

Can i apply for my spouse and children myself if their names are not mentionned in the application package ? or is it mandatory to have their names and relationship mentionned in the validation package prepared by the company ?

if it’s possible to apply ourselves, can i apply when i’ll complete my DS-160 and take the same interview appointment at the US embassy in Paris for the whole family ?

Is it necessary to translate the birth and mariage certificate ? if yes, could it be done by a friend of me ?

Thanks o lot for your answers

Yes, you can file for L2 by yourself by filing up a DS160. Their names need not appear on your validation package.

Please call the consulate and check with them on the document translation. I dont think you need to translate it.

Thanks a lot for your answer Ramanan256