Can i apply for H1B Masters Quota if i have non-USA Master's ?

Hi I am in United States, studying right now but may not be able to complete my degree (M.S) since i have to start job, due to harsh financial conditions. My employer is ready to sponsor but they dont know if we can apply for H1B masters quota , since i have Non -USA masters which is from India.

Also can i get OPT if i dont plan to get USA degree( that is graduate)?

Please help.

H1B masters quota…is for a masters degree from USA… which you will not be eligible if you dont complete the degree you are studying right now.

You can apply under regular quota next year, if you start working and dont intend to complete your degree…

You can take CPT (if you have completed 9 months in the program) and work now… or a pre completion OPT…for which university will have certain rules. If you opt for Pre completion OPT you will not be eligible for OPT after you graduate again.

thanks ramanan