Can I apply for H1B in 2014 if my OPT expires on Feb 25 2014

I am currently working on Employer-Client basis. I applied for H1B this year and is not picked in the lottery. Since my Opt is going to expire on Feb 25th, I understand that I have 60 days grace period and I can apply for H1B and get the response within 60 days. I like this optionvery much, however when I submit my petition to USCIS, I’m confused whether I can submit my client letter stating that it is an ongoing project or submit as an in house project. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

If you are working on Employer - client scenario, you will have to submit client letter.

Client letter can mention the project will run till so and so date and you will be working on this capacity. (this is my case - L1 to H1 COS)

In house projects might create an issue - not neccesarily but possible.