Can I apply for H1B before graduation?


I am an international student who is persuing a bachelor degree in business. I have recently got a full time offer after my graduation in September 2014. I know that H1B application starts in April and it requires a bachelor degree, but some of my friends applied H1B before their graduation. They told me that I can ask the university for a confirmation letter that I will be graduating soon, and that can replace my official degree in the application. So can you please confirm if it’s true or not?

Also, for the worst case scenario, I am thinking about enrolling in a MS program. But I wonder if the master degree will give me another 1 year OPT or not?

Thank you in advance for your help.

H1B for 2013 quota is full…you need to apply only after Apr 2014 and can work after oct 2014

MS will allow to use one more OPT ( one OPT for bachelors/one for Masters…etc)