Can I apply for F1 student visa during my H1 visa approved status and stamping pending

Hi everyone,this is Ravi,I have applied for H1B visa and got approved in last year but I did not go for visa stamping because my employer was unable to provide me a client letter ,so I am hanging in middle of no where now. My question is, can I go for studying MS now ,will there be any problem when I go for my F1 visa stamping,as the visa approver will be able to see all my details,abt my prior application to H1B which is in approved status now ,so what type of questions can I expect from visa interviewer and how to answer them,if any one have faced any such type of situation kindly reply me,your reply will be invaluable.

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Yes, you can go for your F1 visa. In the interview if the officer asks, explain that an employment offer came and H1 was filed, but later you have decided to improve your academics as you feel that you want to excel your area of specialization.

thanks a lot for replying ,my graduation is from ECE stream but now working in Telecom Industry(Telecom Company) in software wing (DBA), so how to support my answer ,plz reply ,will be to thankfull to your reply and applying for MS in same IT domain