can I apply for f1 change of status while waiting for h1 ext approval?


My First H1 fot expired on 5 feb 2013. H1 extension was applied by different employer and USCIS received the extension application on 6 feburary 2013. USCIS I-797 C (notice of receipt) also mention 6 feb 2013 as receipt date.

My employer got a request for evidence quiry , they responded to the query last week.

I am planning to study and want to convert into full time f1 student.

can I apply for f1 change of status before receiving the approval or deniel?

my semesters are starting from sep 1.

do I have got enough time to change the status?

what is less complicated? - applying f1 change of status rightaway while I wait for H1 approval OR If I should wait for another few days to get the H1 ext approval and then start the f1 change status .

Please advice



Your I-94 has expired, correct? As such COS cannot be filed as it requires a valid I-94 for approval. Once extension is approved, you can file for COS from H-1 to F-1. The other alternate is to enter US after getting F-1 visa stamped from your home country.