Can I apply for EAD in the month of May 2017, when my L2 visa is expiring in August 2017?

My husband is on L1 B visa. He travelled to US in the month of march 2017 and his VISA will expire in the month of August 2017. I am on L2 dependent on him and I travelled to US in the month of April 2017. So my VISA will also expire in August 2017.

But his company will apply for L1 B visa extension with which my L2 visa will also be applied for extension. I want to start working asap. So can I still apply for EAD? Since my visa will expire in august 2017 and my status would change to extension. So is it possible to apply for EAD in this case?

Also, can I apply for EAD when my L2 visa extension process begins?