Can I apply for a visitors (B2) visa when my husband is on F1 Visa?


I attended the Visa interview twice and was rejected both the times.

For the first time I had applied for an F2 dependent visa since my husband is on F1 visa. I got rejected because the weren’t convinced that both of us will return back to India soon. I have a full time job in India and I have just applied a long leave till March. Since we are newly married I wanted to make good use of my leave and thus wanted to stay with my husband for the short period. My husband is on a contract job which ends by march and thus he also plans to come to India after March for good.

For the 2nd time I applied a B2 tourist visa so that I can be sure that my stay at the US wouldn’t be permanent and I wouldn’t be rejected for the same reason again.

But unfortunately I was rejected. Now what is the next step I take?

If I apply again,which visa do I apply?

F-2 is the only category you should apply in - try again.