Can I apply EB1C having H1B visa ?


My question is related to applying EB1C having H1B visa.

I am on H1B in US for more than 3 years along with my family (H4) now with 1 renewal & have 2 years more before 2nd renewal. I have been working with this company in India for more than 5 years. So total 8 years.

Basically I manage the project and as well as manage the team & team leaders and on some time projects managing the managers as well. The Organization doesn’t have any Org Chart as such but I can generate one if needed. I am the only person with this company in US but all my other colleages / team / my managers are working from India. Now, my company is interested to apply GC for me, but would like to understand if I am eligible for EB1C or not?

During my H1B process, I have been projected as Computer Systems Analyst (Project Manager).

Now, I would like to know what are the risk areas which I need to be sure of before I apply for EB1C. And what are the docs I need to prepare to get thru EB1C (both from my side and from my company)?

Thanks in advance for your replies.