Can i apply and get H4 visa, just incase if L1B flops

Hello there,

My husband and I are working in the same company, He would be travelling to US soon on H1B, The company has asked me to apply for L1b.

  1. Can I apply and get H4 visa for me and my kid before I go for L1B interview? Does getting H4 stamped early, affect my chances of getting L1B?

  2. If I’m getting L1B, how can I take my baby with me. Can my baby use H4 based on my husbands H1B?

Thanks for your help,

  1. You can go for H-4 visa for now. Getting H-4 visa doesn’t hamper L-1’s chances.

  2. Your baby can go on L-2 (as your dependent) or on H-4 (as your husband’s dependent). Both options are possible.