Can i apply amendment for new employer with my new passoprt, as name change done on new passport.

Dear All,

Please suggest me .

My h1b petition filed with my old passport,which has single name in it. After petition approved, In between I have re-issued my new passport by adding second name in it.

Now Employer A project Got closed , Now I got new project with Employer B different locatin

Could you Please suggest me, Is this required to submit the New passport or Old passport Only or else both passports need to submit for filing amendment.

Is there any rejections in these situtations,… worried…

Thanks ,


You are changing employers, so this would be a cap-exempt petition and and not an amendment.

You should enter name as per new passport as you will be traveling using the new passport. I think I-129 form also asks for any other name that you have been associated with. There you need to mention your single word name.