Can I answer to 221g query for H1 after my L1 visa interview?


I work for company A for 2.5 years now. Company B applied H1B for me last year. After petition approval, I went for visa interview in March 2012 and got 221g. Since company B delayed to provide me supporting documents for 221g and my current employer, company A, was ready to sponsor L1 (blanket), I attended visa interview in August 2012. During the interview, the visa officer asked about H1B. As I thought of going to US with my current employer only at that time, I said orally that I will not proceed with my H1B and got my L1 approved. However, my current employer suddenly decided NOT to send me to US. During the same time, company B sent me documents for 221g query. So, can I submit documents for 221g and resume H1 processing? I read in some forums that my H1 visa application would have got cancelled.  I orally said that I am not going to work for company B and the visa officer did not say that he was cancelling. He simply asked whether I will ask for company B and said I cannot work for 2 employers.

My plan is - I would get both L1 and H1 and decide which one to use in a month or two.  What I current company offered is tempting as the salary is good.  However, if they don't promise to send me onsite in a month or two, I would go for H1 - the consultancy company.

Will my L1 be cancelled at the time of H1 stamping. I read that both visas can exist in the passport, but I can have only one I94 which is fine with me.