Can I along with family fly from India to USA after getting stamped in UK for first time?


I have applied for H1B and currently it is in RFE response under review status(something like this). Currently I am in London and planning to get my visa stamped here in London by hoping all goes good. Once I get my visa stamped planning to apply for dependent visas for my spouse and child and also planning to get their visas stamped here in London. My main query here is , can I fly to US from India once the visa gets stamped in London while flying for the first time? Would there be any issues while flying or would they(Indian immigration) object to fly from the other country other than stamped location i.e UK(I don’t think these kind of rule exists, but just to make sure about this).Thanks in advance for your time in responding to my query.



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It should not be an issue. Couple of my friends traveled like that a while ago after stamping in UK

Thank you for clarifying me L2hquery.