Can I add my last name is passport after GC approvedea


Hi Team,

I don’t have a last name in my Indian passport and employer is sponsoring GC and employer is telling I cant make name correction once PERM or I-140 is approved (I don’t have enough time to make correction in passport as I am leaving USA in couple of weeks).

Employer is going to file as my name as - FirstName, LNU

What should I do ( I don’t want to lose this GC filing by my employer) -

  1. Can I make name correction after GC is approved ?
  2. What will happen if I go to India and make name correction and PERM and I-140 is in progress?
  3. in ALL US records (like SSN and DL) - my name is FNU, Ramu as I dont have last name in PP.

Please help me in this regards.


Your petition will have to go in as FNU, Ramu because this is how it is in all US based records. Please ask your employer to use the name as in your SSN card to file. Using Ramu, LNU will invalidate the record and they must not do that. You will have opportunity to change name later on but doing it right now will confuse matters a lot.