can I accompany my husband who is on opt in US , I am an indian citizen.

I m residing in india and got married to my husband 15 days ago . He is working with a company in US on opt as the H1B cap has reached and he can’t get a h1b until april 2013. Can I accompany him to US without any problems. Plz help

I think you can travel to US on F2 VISA which is for spouse and children of F1 holders.

Thanks sujith . But is it easy to get F2 as my husband is still on opt?? I thought F2 will be easy only when he gets H1B

I think when you say he’s on OPT, he’s in F1 status (OPT is a period of practical training for students with F1 status). And F2 is the family’s VISA type for F1.
H4 is the family VISA type for H1B holder. You may go for COS from F2 to H4 when he moves to H1B status.

Thank u sujith . U are a lot of help .