Can H4 travel to US with Old employer visa stamping (will expire in 5 months)

my wife is currently in India. She has H4 Visa stamping with Old employer which will expire in Oct 2023. Now I have H1b transfer approval copy with New Employer and it is valid up until 2025.

She will be travelling to US in month of June 2023

So my questions

  1. can she travel with old visa (it will expire in 5 months) ?
  2. is there any limitation that she should travel before date/month?
  3. what documents should be carried during POE?

Please suggest
Thank you

Yes as long as the visa is valid on the day she enter the US.

No issues.

Copy of your H1B I-797 approval notice.
Copy of your last three paystubs
Copy of your employment verification letter
Marriage certificate and some marriage pictures, just in case if CBP ask for.
Of course her passport with valid visa stamp.

Once she enters the US download her online I-94 and double check the validity which should be inline with your H1B I-94 attached to his I-797 and provided her passport is valid beyond the I-94 validity, name etc.