Can H4 take Visa interview with H1B approval notice and H4 receipt


My wife (went to India 3 months back) is in India she has H4 approval notice till Oct 2019 from my previous employer A and visa (from some other Employer) on her passport was expired in Jan 2018. Last month I changed my job and joined Employer B (my current) and got my H1B approval notice from Employer B.

Now I have a question:

she doesn’t have H4 approval notice (It yet not approved) from Employer B, only she has a receipt of H4 (photocopy) from Employer B, H4 approval notice (Original) till Oct 2019 from my previous Employer A and my H1B approval notice (photocopy) from my current Employer B. Can she take her visa interview (second time, first time in 2013) with my H1B approval notice or not? If Yes, then what other documents she has to carry for her H4 Visa Interview? If No, then what should I do to bring her back to the US? Please, can somebody help me in this matter?

She does not need H4 Approval notice to go for Stamping, all she needs is spouse’s H1B approval notice. H4 does not require approval notice, if you are going for Visa stamping and outside of the country. H4 extension approval notice is relevant only, if you are in the US and trying to stay there…You can check H4 Stamping Experience for list of documents