Can H1B visa holder own and lease 2 properties?

It is to my understanding that as H1b visa holder you can receive additional income only by passive investments such as Stocks dividends or real state through a third party company that would administer the property and as long as I don’t do any other activity involved in renting or fixing the house but receive money in my account.
1. I this true?
2. If so would it affect my process once I try to get my GC through EB2 category?
3. Is it ok if the property was purchase with a conventional loan or does that even matter?
Thank you.

You can own properties on H1-B, there is no restriction as such.

  1. H1-B holders can buy and rent properties.

  2. I don’t think this would affect your GC process as long as you pay you taxes properly.

  3. Doesn’t matter. BTW, loan approval depends on the credit history and scores.

Thank you very much! just what I needed to hear.