Can H1B be cancel by my previous employer

I have H1B visa with ‘X’ employer name. Now i have changed H1B visa with new employer name. I need to know, Can my previous employer cancel my H1B visa with the name of new employer?

Are you referring to the visa stamp in your passport? The old employer can easily withdraw their petition, but to cancel the visa stamp they have to collect the passport from you and send it to the consulate. As long as your visa stamp doesn’t say canceled in the passport, you are good.

Ok. But If my petition is withdrawn by previous employer then it will affect my current H1B visa extension process.

No, it shouldn’t impact the extension petition.

Without having petition or valid petition, can i apply H1B visa extension?

If you have the perion receipt number or petition copy, then it can be done even after it has been revoked.

Extensions are filed by same employer. If they revoked old petition then why will they support the extension?

My old employer has revoked my petition. But i have patition copy and valid stamped visa. Then can i change the employer name in the visa or petition? and then can i tell my new employer to apply extension? (Because my visa is going to expire in 2 months)

Read my previous responses. I have already answered this multiple times. You are eligible for cap-exempt petition through a new employer.

Thank you so much Saurabh.