Can H1-B be transferred if I-797 is expired?

I have my H1-b in year 2014 but due to some reason I was able to work on H1 -b for only about 6 months and then I moved back to India. Now in 2016 I came back to US on H4 Visa , got EAD and started working in a company. Now Since H4 EAD is on athreat and I am not sure I can continue to work with H4 EAD , I want to get transferred on H1-B back. My I-797 is going to expire in August 2017, is it possible that even if my I-797 is expired I will be able to get my H1 b transferred. I still have 3 more years on my CAP.

Yes you can. The new company will have to apply for extension and transfer together. In your case, COS needs to be applied too.

Thank you for your reply… It was a great relief.