Can F2 visa holder apply for EAD?


I am on F2 visa. My husband is doing Ph.d.,

I quit my job in India and came to US on Jan. I have 7 years of exp in IT.

How can I get the work permit?

Can I apply for EAD or Do I need to get the H1B sponsorship.


There is no EAD for people on F-2. You need to find an employer and have them file H-1 for you w/ COS (in April 2013). Once approved you can start working on H-1 from approval date (Oct 1).

Hi Priya

I am also looking for the same. My wife is in USA for her PhD and I have around 7 years of exp in IT. Looking for EAD or H1.

Are you thinking of going to USA then applying from there? There is no EAD on F2 or on visitor visa.