Can anyone please suggest me with colleges that provides immediate CPT?

I did not get picked on 2014 H1B lottery and I love the job I have now.

I currently live in kansas.

Can anyone please suggest me with colleges that provides immediate CPT?
I would really appreciate that.

Hello Mahesh,

                     I can recommend  ITU ( which is located in San Jose, California.

                    Which Offer flexible schedule (Online, Weekend,evening classes)affordable fess, with high quality industry relevant education also First semester internships offered.

                    Please mail me on for more info.


It is one of the scam institutes. read about TRI valley, ITU, UNVA. Students have been deported even jailed. Why risk your career in US. Hergual Head is already in jail.

each student is paid some percentage if he/she brings more students thats the reason why we have recommendation here

u can join Sullivan University. They will give u CPT right away. But the problem with these CPT college is that the H1B visa is approvec at the end of the day but change of status is mostly denied based on the fact that you were not in a legal F1 status.

I went through the same thing. My H1b is approved but COS was denied because of CPT issue. Actually USCIS is translating CPT as illegal. But this is not the case with all the people. Some people escape from this and some come under their radar.

I also know a couple of people who were approved their H1’s but denied COS and they went back to India and got stamped. They had all the documents like client letter and ther rest.

Best of luck.