Can anyone please help me on my 221g H1B case ?

Interview Date: 16 March 2016

Current Status: Administrative Processing

List of Documents requested by US Consulate chennai:

  1. List of payslips worked in India for the year Jan 2015 - Sep 2015

  2. Tax related documents for the past 2 years worked in India.

  3. Project Description Document

  4. Master Agreement between Client and Employer

  5. Individual Employees Immigration status of my employer

Same status “Administrative Processing” as on today(25 May 2016) from the Interview Date 16th March 2016 and from the document submission date(22 April 2016). Completed 70 days from Interview date and 33 days from Document Submitted date. I called US Consulate call center and they said it would take 60 days to complete processing. Any suggestion please ?

You don’t have any options here except to wait. Once 60 days have elapsed since document submission, your employer may follow-up w/ the Department of State in US, but it won’t speed up the process. They would still take their own sweet time.

Can myself or my employer obtain premium processing on my application or petition by filing Form I - 907 and paying premium processing fee USD 1225 ?
Will this premium processing service help ?


PP is for I-129 which is handled by USCIS and not visa stamping which is handled by Department of State. So no PP option available when stuck in Admin processing.

I have seen last paragraph in 221g blue sheet and mentioned below.

“Today’s decision cannot be appealed. However, you can reapply at anytime. If you decide to reapply, you must submit a new application form and photo, pay the visa application fee again as applicable, and be interviewed by consular officer. If you choose to reapply, you should be prepared to provide information that was not presented in your original application, or to demonstrate that your circumstances have changed since that application”

According to this paragraph, Can I reschedule new appointment with US Consulate and submit the documents asked in the first interview ? Will this work ? Just want to know.

If you appear for another interview, it may meet similar fate even if you come prepare w/ the docs. If you get a new petition approved and then appear for stamping through that petition, then it’s a totally different ball game.